What type of steel do you use for your knives?

I use a variety of alloys to make my knives. For high carbon blades, I generally use 1080+ and 1084. I really like CPM D2. It is technically a carbon tool steel, but has enough chromium to make it nearly stainless. I also use a number of stainless alloys including 440C, ATS34, CPM 154CM. I am always open to trying new materials if I think they would be suited for a particular knife.

Can I place an order for a knife?

Due to my current obligations to my family, job and current knife projects, I cannot currently accept orders. I will keep a few names on a waiting list, so please send me an E-mail if you are interested.

Do you do your own heat treating?

I heat treat "simple" carbon steels in my shop. All other alloys are sent to Peters' Heat Treating, Inc. They do an amazing job and provide cryogenic treating as well.

Have a question? Shoot me an E-mail and I will do my best to answer.

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